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Amex has been aggressive about targeting younger consumers with prepaid credit card deals. Now, they’re aiming for teens with a new card called PASS.

Recalling images from Tiananmen Square, one Utah homeowner was single-handedly holding up almost 1,000 foreclosures.

BP has opened $7 billion in lines of credit from several banks to help pay for a $20 billion fund for damages caused by the Gulf oil spill.

Bank rate investors see their fortunes once again hanging in the balance as the economy threatens to fall back into a recession.

If you’re thinking of backing out of that flight and beachfront hotel reservation along the Gulf of Mexico, travel insurers likely won’t have your back.

Certificate of deposit rates continue their slide this week, the financial equivalent of a death march for weary bank interest rate investors.

Mentors can provide sage advice and strong guidance for you, but sometimes a bad mentor relationship can really hurt your career.

Despite a torrent of bad economic news lately, bankers have a message for America: the economy is getting better.

Are mortgage rates on a downward slide to 4.5% — or even 4% — for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage? We take a look at the latest trends.

Loan modification candidates who aren’t severely underwater on their mortgages represent the best prospects for HAMP success stories.

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