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Mortgage rates bumped up a bit this week, but still remain at historically low levels. When are they set to rise again?

Even though mortgages are far larger debt burdens than car loans, consumers spend less time shopping around for their dream home.

In this week's Q&A, Brian O'Connell explains what can happen to your credit score if you make a late car insurance payment.

With high school seniors dreaming about being on campus next fall, the topic of conversation in U.S. households could turn to credit cards.

According to a new pair of studies, the rate of foreclosures impacting affluent families is on the rise and country clubbers are feeling the pinch.

Stock market volatility can make investors want to jump ship into bonds. Is shifting around your 401(k) funds a good idea?

Mortgage brokers will see their commissions capped at 3% if the financial reform bill gets final approval.

There was some bank rate momentum in April, but lately that momentum has petered out. Still, there are great bank rate deals to be had.

Some savvy consumers hold out until the last minute to pay their monthly bills seeing it as a sort of interest-free loan. Are there any downsides?

For months, bank investors have been waiting for the economy to improve, and CD rates to follow. Too bad the economy isn't cooperating.

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