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Brian O'Connell


Playing the “rent vs. own” game is a popular pastime as the U.S. continues to be gripped by tough economic conditions.

A recent Wall Street Journal article suggested free checking might be endangered. Were they right?

Fannie Mae plans to announce that it’s curtailing the availability of interest-only loans. Does that pave the way for the end of such loans?

There’s no doubt that American are doing a better job cutting their debt. But that hasn’t stopped the bankruptcy train from chugging along.

More and more lenders are insisting on a new mortgage loan wrinkle – a second credit check just before you sign on the dotted line.

Bank rate savers may have a long wait before the Federal Reserve decides to raise interest rates, but there are still some deals to be had.

A new survey reveals that more and more Americans say they don’t believe a word of what banks and credit card companies are telling them.

With bank deposit rates hovering at an unatrractive level, many savers are loking back to the tock market. Here's the CD roundup this week.

Americans are dealing with their debt via a free debt addiction program called Debtors Anonymous, giving new meaning to "one day at a time."

Americans are hoarding cash — big time. How is that affecting mortgage rates?

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