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Two academics make their case against undergraduate schools. They’re draining our wallets, they argue — and taking a toll on our kids.

The relative health of bank interest rates is shaky, but consumers can still score great deals.

Next time you check in to a hotel, watch your wallet. A new study shows that hotels are a target for hackers looking for credit card data.

About 9,000 Americans made out like bandits on a unique provision in the Financial Reform Act. Here are the details.

Things are getting topsy-turvy in the CD marketplace, with some short-term CDs outperforming ones that go longer up the yield curve.

Buried in the 2,000 pages of legal lingo and bureaucratic blather in the financial reform bill is a new model for overseeing private student loans.

A new site called ZashPay promises to link people who want to pay others directly, without relying on third-party players like PayPal.

The Fed’s Beige Book is out, and it’s showing a spate of good news for the economy, including one often overlooked economic indicator.

Early concerns about the end of free checking may have been misdirected, according to a new survey on bank fees.

It's a financial form of "Whack a Mole," where after one fee is regulated out of commission, another one pops right up. Here's how to stop it.

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