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Our health as a nation may be improving thanks to the Affordable Care Act, but that won't help much if individuals don't stop their bad habits.

Nearly a quarter of families started back-to-school shopping two months early last year. Here's the smartest way to do it.

Obamacare may have ended workers' fears about leaving a job because health insurance would disappear with it, or so-called 'job lock.'

There's increasing call for the four-day workweek, including from millionaire investors -- especially the unmarried women among them.

An American Express index shows parents spending $958 per child on average this summer, up 59% in just two years.

If retiring comfortably seems a modest enough goal for Americans, pity the quarter of the country that just wants to get out of debt.

Sugar is as addicting as cocaine, J.J. Virgin says in an upcoming book, and our consumption just jumped 23% in only a decade.

Why would an employer or boss intentionally get in the way of employee enthusiasm and productivity? While there's no answer, there may be a cure.

Prospects are already good for rental property owners in 2014 -- a 9.97% return estimates in the second quarter.

Don't let a summertime lull distract you from the risks of bugs, food poisoning or yard and chore hazards.

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