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The regulation would affect employees who cash out of their retirement accounts when they leave their jobs -- and the firms advising them.

More of us are taking action to save for retirement. Here are some things you should keep in mind.

After paying down debt and investing in retirement funds, it's okay to make a smart purchase for your own long-term benefit.

Despite all their stress and anxiety, only a quarter of U.S. workers say they take full advantage of vacation opportunities.

Up to $1,000 for each qualifying child just by noting the deduction? It's must for parents.

Some consumers may still have coverage options, especially if their online registration got started before March 31.

Adjust your withholding and you, not the government, gets to use your money. But what if you get a refund anyway?

Workplace and money woes aren't the only sources of stress, but your home is one place you should be in control.

Executives say they're more likely to hire an intern than an outside job candidate.

The average payday loan consumer remains in debt to a loan provider for 196 days, or more than half the calendar year.

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