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All too many career professionals aggressive about finishing projects and other workplace needs are downright timid about asking for a raise.

Companies will also branch out in other areas, such as raising cost-sharing provisions and emphasizing wellness programs to workers.

September, with its surge of kids on the streets and sidewalks, is the worst month of the year for car accidents involving kids.

Parents may be busy buying their kids supplies and clothing, but there are even more important things to think about as the school year starts.

Salary increase budgets will likely remain close to the 3% mark until market forces require employers to raise wages more aggressively, experts say.

You can get your home insurance claims processed up to 100% with a home inventory, industry officials say.

Shoppers with subsidies buy 'silver' and those without buy 'bronze,' a study says.

Only 8% of grandparents would start a talk about money, but 85% of grandchildren are ready to listen, a survey finds.

The typical worker is interrupted six times a day on the job, a researcher says, and yes: Your work suffers for it.

Among the fastest-growing consumer complaints are violations of do-not-call rights and other telemarketing abuses, as well as used car sales.

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