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Even though Earth Day is over, there's no reason to shelve its principles for another 364 days.

Most companies are embracing telecommuting jobs, noting they don't lead to a decline in worker production and mean happier employees.

Employees seem to be adapting to a 'free agent' economy where they take responsibility for their own financial security. And they must.

When more than half of Americans say it's easier to pay taxes than lose weight, you know we have some odd beliefs.

If you're having a kid now, you can look forward to spending $312,200 for a four-year undergraduate degree in 18 years.

We won't likely see rates this low again anytime soon, not with the economy improving, albeit slightly, even as the Fed opts to keep rates low well into 2015.

Experts say 'surprise' references that go against you after a job intervew are your own fault.

The regulation would affect employees who cash out of their retirement accounts when they leave their jobs -- and the firms advising them.

More of us are taking action to save for retirement. Here are some things you should keep in mind.

After paying down debt and investing in retirement funds, it's okay to make a smart purchase for your own long-term benefit.

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