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Shell eggs under several brand and generic names are being recalled on possible salmonella contamination.

They’re called fads for a reason. These toys all peaked then fizzled.

Baby Boomers have undoubtedly been hit hard by the recession, but they might be making things worse for all of us.

KFC's identity crisis: Franchise owners are fighting the chicken chain's denial of its Kentucky-fried roots.

Pumping too much iron may not help you build as much muscle as you'd think, and it could actually hurt your wallet.

MainStreet explains why kids pressure their parents for the latest toys, from expensive TMX Elmos to 20-cent Silly Bandz.

Many small businesses may seem to sell out, but it might not be for the reasons you'd think.

Even expensive Black Angus burgers and soy patties might be contaminated with E. coli.

Choosing a life insurance policy can be a tricky task. Here's what you need to know before you dive into the details.

Owners of refurbished BlackBerry smartphones could get burned.

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