Your Car Reveals Your Credit Score

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — You are what you drive.

That old saying recently got new heft when credit reporting agency Experian disclosed its list of the five new cars associated with buyers who have the strongest credit scores and the five cars associated with buyers whose credit is so bad it's a wonder they own anything.

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A kind of ruthless economic law is at work here. Jason Mix, digital marketing director at David Stanley Chevrolet in Oklahoma, shrugged at the link between vehicle and credit score.

"The correlation between credit scores and the types of cars consumers buy is only a byproduct of the demand of luxury cars vs economic cars," he said. "Luxury vehicles are usually bought by wealthier consumers with higher credit scores. Economic vehicles are usually bought out of necessity for consumers with generally lower credit scores."

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When you are struggling to pay the rent on a one bedroom walkup apartment in central Phoenix, probably you are not qualified to buy a Range Rover Evoque at $50,000. The monthly note - a tad over $1,000 - would be more than your rent.

Now for the specifics - and pray your car does not label you a loser.