Younger Millennials Value Meaning over Money

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — The unemployment rate for workers under the age of 25 is 14.8%, which is more than twice national rate, according to Department of Labor statistics.

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"Millennials tend to want to have it all, including their expectations of finding a good job," said Maryellen Valaitis, senior vice president of human resources with McGraw-Hill Education.

A study commissioned by McGraw Hill Education called "The Grad Gap: College Millennials' Career Aspirations and Readiness" found that 90% are optimistic about their ability to find a good job when they graduate.

"This generation challenges the notion that experience is the best predictor of the future," Valaitis told MainStreet. "They are more focused on the outcomes of their current work or project and less on their past experiences."

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Some percent of students said they'd prefer a job that has a beneficial impact on society, while only 27% said they'd prefer a job that pays well but had no impact.

"Today's college students have career aspirations that are markedly different perhaps even more nobler than those of previous generations, which is exciting," said Brian Kibby, president of the higher ed division with McGraw-Hill Education. "But at the same time, we need to be doing more to help students prepare for the very real challenges they will face as they enter the workforce."

Just being proficient with social media strategies isn't enough.

"It's the ability to use social media as a productivity or business tool that is going to help them get ahead," said Valaitis. "Technology is rapidly revolutionizing the business landscape and students who truly understand how to leverage technology to achieve business outcomes will have a leg up on others."