You Signed Up for the Wrong Health Insurance

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — If you recently bought health insurance through one of the state exchanges or from a private insurer and feel like the plan does not mesh with your needs or lifestyle, your options to change to another one are limited.

Some consumers are unhappy with their plan because of what they are paying for co-payments or deductibles.

Others dislike the doctors or the hospitals on the network. Most people are stuck with their current plan until open enrollment begins again on November 15 unless they meet a "qualifying life event" such as getting divorced, moving from one coverage area or changes in your salary.

If you feel like an error occurred placing you in the wrong health plan, your best recourse is to contact the federal or state exchange as soon as you are aware of this information, said John DiVito, president of Flexible Benefit, a web-based insurance provider based in Rosemont, Ill.

"The individual may be eligible for special enrollment rights if enrollment in the health plan was made in error," he said. "Special enrollment periods provide individuals with a 60-day time period to make a plan change. Although they may be eligible for a plan change, the change may not be retroactively processed unless an error was made during the enrollment process by the exchange or the insurance company."

Consumers who are unhappy with their current plans should start looking at what plans the exchanges offer to see what is available, said insurance analyst Doug Whiteman.

"If you feel like you bought the wrong insurance plan, you are out of luck," he said. "You have to wait until mid-November when open enrollment begins again."