What Women Get Wrong About Fathers Day

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Turnabout is fair play.

After all, we recently took a good look at what men get wrong about Mothers Day. With Fathers Day less than a week away (it's on Sunday), it's time for a fresh perspective on how women fall off the beam when it comes to honoring dad on his big day.

On this go-around, we have enlisted the help of Ebates.com, the online shopping portal. The firm recently commissioned a national survey on what men actually want on Fathers Day — and what women think they want.

According to the survey, there's a significant gap.

For example, 54% of women figure dad wants a power tool on Fathers Day, but he has a different idea – dad wants a gift card to his favorite retail outlet, the survey says. It cites power tools as a "distant fourth" on the list of Fathers Day favorites.

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How about a ticket to a baseball game or professional golf tournament? The Red Sox and Yankees are going at it again, and Tiger Woods is once again in fine form. But most dads take a pass on the ticket option – only 19% of them say they want sports tickets as a Fathers Day gift.

So what do dads really want? Here's how the survey of 1,000 adults nationwide sees the top gifts by percent of those who'd like to get them:

Gift card to favorite store: 42%
Clothes: 24%
Smartphone/tablet device: 20%
Tools: 20%
Tickets to sports event: 19%

Of course, moms, daughters, sisters, girlfriends and female family friends don't see it that way. Here is how the survey ranks Fathers Day gifts through the eyes of the fairer sex:

Tools: 54%
Gift card: 53%