Want a 'Happy' Career? Try One of These Jobs

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — With news the U.S. economy gained only 88,000 jobs last month, and that 500,000 Americans left the workforce, any discussion about “happy” workers may be a touchy subject.

But CareerBliss.com isn’t named that way for nothing — the site’s mantra is to match up workers with rewarding jobs, financially and spiritually. (Its motto is “choose happy.”)

Good luck to CareerBliss on that, especially in this rough-and-tumble economy.

But one way the jobs site is keeping the career conversation shiny and positive is to point out regularly that great jobs and great places to work do exist — then actually point those jobs and places out.

This time, CareerBliss is focusing on the happiest jobs of 2013, or as the firm puts it, finding a job “that will bring a smile to your face.”

The firm uses a formula to assign a numerical “Bliss Rating” to a given occupation — the higher the rating, the better.

Included in that calculation are work-life balance, an employee’s relationship with their boss and co-workers, their work environment, job resources, compensation, growth opportunities, company culture, company reputation, their daily tasks and job control over employees’ daily tasks. The firm undertakes about 65,000 independent job reviews to reach its conclusions.

So what jobs lead the list? Here are the top 10 for the year from CareerBliss.com, along with their “bliss ratings.”

Real estate agent 4.26
Software quality assurance engineer 4.23
Senior sales representative 4.19
Construction superintendent 4.10
Senior Application Developer 4.08
Logistics Manager 4.07
Construction Manager 4.06
Admin. Assistant 4.04
Network Manager 4.02
Assistant Controller 4.02

That list varies from last year’s list; only three occupations remain from it — software engineer, construction manager and administrative assistant.

Bumped off the 2012 list are executive chef, bank teller, warehouse manager, customer service representative and accountant.