Trump on Jobs, Real Estate & Rosie

MainStreet recently interviewed Donald Trump, getting his insights on a few subjects on everyone’s mind: the real estate market, the struggling American economy, and whether The Donald still despises Rosie O’Donnell (spoiler alert: he isn't exactly her biggest fan). His answers, in pure Trump fashion, are relatively brief and very to the point. We’re hoping for a more in-depth conversation in the near future.

MAINSTREET: You’ve faced your share of challenges and setbacks, Mr. Trump, but you always seem to bounce back and succeed. Lots of Americans are going through tough times right now. What’s the key to being able to bounce back and how do you come back even stronger?

TRUMP: Coming back stronger means you’ve learned through the process. Bad times can cause pain but they can make you stronger and make you grow. One thing to focus on is the solution, not the problem. Tough times require a strong and positive outlook despite the circumstances, and you must retain confidence and optimism throughout. I have a never give up attitude and that’s what I stress. You have to be tenacious, and have the willpower to keep on going.

MAINSTREET: Many people have lost their jobs because their industries are disappearing from the American marketplace so many are forced to reinvent themselves. Lots of people, particularly Baby Boomers may feel they are too old to learn something new and are intimidated by the prospect of retraining. What do you say to them?

TRUMP: Try to see the challenges as opportunities. Problems are always with us and difficulties can be overcome with the right attitude. The world has changed and we have to keep up with those changes.

MAINSTREET: We were interested to read about your recent purchases of golf courses in New York and New Jersey and would like to know your take on the American real estate market right now. Has it stabilized and is it a good time to buy?