Trash Into Treasure: 5 True Stories


NEW YORK (MainStreet) — You’ve probably heard stories about folks who found hidden treasures in their attics or while visiting a local garage sale, but can you really stumble on something special in someone’s else trash?  To find out, MainStreet asked some people to share their stories of the best “junk” they ever found. Read on to find out what you could potentially score curbside.

House of Treasures

An avid dumpster diver who specializes in refurbishing furniture, Jonathan Steele has filled his Pennsylvania home with all sorts of secondhand treasures.

“A 15-lite door going to my drawing room was in the trash,” he tells MainStreet. “Go into the bathroom and you will find an oak commode made into a sink cabinet base. It was actually in an old trailer in an auto junk yard. The owner said I could have it.” 

You can see the aforementioned door, discovered in Connecticut, along with a small table Steele found recently in Pennsylvania – “I do not really like it but we are trying it on for size,” he admits – and  art gear mirrors in the picture to the above.