Top 5 TED Talks to Master Your Finances

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Often, when you see people talking about money or personal finance, you dismiss them as those trying to sell you insurance or some investment "opportunity." But when they speak at a platform like TED Talks--the pop, Zeitgeisty lecture series--you tend to take notice and trust that the intentions at least stem from a good place. Using some of the most contemporary tools for presentation, these speakers talk about a complex yet common issue and lay it out there in the simplest format for the audience to grasp. The intricacies of personal finance and money management are best explored in the following TED Talks discussions and presentations by experts.

1. Schlomo Benartzi – Saving for tomorrow, tomorrow –br> "People insure their iPhones more than their lives." Using this statement, Benartzi highlighted the very common mistakes people make with regards to their personal finance. Benartzi is a behavioral economist whose main purpose for hosting this TED talk event was to change the habit of people who spend money the second they have it. Budgeting and discretion are stressed.

2. Matt Weinstein – What Bernie Madoff couldn't steal from me –
Starting off with an anecdote where he receives the Bernie Madoff scam news while on a trip to the Arctic, Weinstein meanders his way quickly to telling how once people let go of the money aspect when it comes to investing, it's actually easier to enjoy some other luxuries in life. Weinstein is also the founder and CEO of PlayFair, a corporate team building training consultancy. Using examples from such fun activities like the ones he prescribes as part of his job, he highlights how personal finance can often gain a lot from areas that are non-monetary in nature.

3. Jessica Jackley – Poverty, money – and love –
Jessica Jackley, the founder of, used to be one of those people who "need to help" when it came to poverty. Then she heard a speech by Bangladeshi economist and Graameen Bank founder Muhammad Yunus, who spoke about microcredits, which are loans given out to people who are too poor to qualify for traditional loans. This changed her and inspired her to form Kiva, an organization that loans as little as $25 to crafty entrepreneurs. So if you need to know how to turn small amounts into great returns, this might be the TED talk for you.