Spirit Starts Charging $45 Per Carry-On

Spirit Airlines passengers will now pay $30-$45 to store carry-on luggage one-way in the airline’s overhead bins. The carry-on fee, announced in April, went into effect this past Sunday.

This means that you now have to pay Spirit to store your luggage in the plane, check your bags, pick your own seat and drink coffee, soda or water. Needless to say, the add-on wasn’t embraced by the general public.

"Why pay for carry-on?,” Lori Gorzynski, a Spirit passenger flying out of Orlando, told USA Today.“They already charge you for your flight. You have to pay for your luggage, to get checked and carry-on, it's just another fee process."

Of course, the choice to pay or to travel without a carry on is entirely up to you and according to Spirit’s CEO Ben Baldanza, the new system is meant to empower consumers.

"It lets consumers decide what is important to them rather than the airline presuming what's important to them," CEO Ben Baldanza told ABC News. "Imagine if you went to McDonald's and the only things you could buy were the value meals."

If that analogy doesn’t sound suspect enough, there's the above video, posted on Spirit’s website, in which Baldanza is featured, speaking to us from inside one of the airline's overhead compartments. 

“We’re seeing increasing customer frustration due to overcrowded overhead bins resulting in long lines and flight delays,” he says. “At Spirit, we see this an opportunity to lower your fare even further … We’ve lowered our fares, we’ve lowered our check bag fees, and we’ve introduced a carry-on bag fee along with priority boarding so now when you board Spirit with your carry-on bag, you’ll find space right above your seat.”