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People Who Treat Their Pets Like Human Beings Pay Expensive Toll

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — In the United States alone, approximately two-thirds of households have at least one pet, many with even more. And these pets are no longer being considered simply as animals but rather as true members of the family. The phrases "puppy sibling" and "four-legged child" now regularly circulate in conversation, which in turn sheds light on the "humanization" of pets.

While this concept has come into existence partly because of the increase in pet adoption rates, it is mostly because of the way these pets are treated as family members once they are adopted. The majority of families are no longer leaving their cats outside overnight or their dogs out in a separate dog house. Pets are now grabbing the hearts of their owners in quite a similar manner to what children do, and the pets in pet families are now viewed, treated, and cared for just as children are.

MainStreet consulted with both CEO Brad Kriser and COO Ken Grouf of Kriser's, a pet retail store that prides itself on the sale and promotion of food, toys, supplements, and grooming items all related to natural lifestyle for animals. As members of pet families themselves, Kriser and Grouf explained the company's focus on a consumer based that has increased its concern with hyper-pure treatment of animals.

While selling products that are free of harmful ingredients, Kriser's also strives to educate their customers in all of the various ways that a natural lifestyle is just as beneficial for animals as it is for human beings.

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