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How I Did It: Held a 100-Person Wedding for Under $4,000

By Abigail Dalton

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — When my husband and I got engaged back in 2010, I felt simultaneously thrilled … and like I needed to brace myself for an oncoming wave, whose only purpose was to sweep over me and pull all of my money out to sea.

The engagement wasn’t a surprise – being mature, rational adults, my then-fiancé and I had discussed marriage, finances, child-rearing and any number of important topics we thought we should cover before agreeing to be legally bound for life – and I had already been poking around the internet, looking at wedding-themed websites and blogs.

I‘d therefore had plenty of time to feel my heart drop into my stomach as I looked at people’s budgets. From lovely outdoor weddings where tent rentals ran up to $20,000, to charming hotel affairs that cost $175 per person, I knew a conventional (and expensive!) wedding wasn’t for us. We’re in our mid-20s and have savings, but we certainly didn’t want to spend them on a one-day event.

While I would have been happy to run off to city hall and cover dinner for a few close family members, my husband had other ideas. He has a big family that expected a wedding … so we gave them one, on our budget.

The surprising thing we booked sight-unseen
After examining our finances, and considering our spending priorities, we thought about what kind of wedding we could agree on – and came up with “relaxed and simple.” That is, lacking tiny, expensive details that would stress me, and by extension, him, out.

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