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Need to Organize Your Money? Get to Know Geezeo

Geezeo, a sister site of MainStreet, is unveiling a fresh look in early September. MainStreet recently spoke with Ruthann DeGutis, the social marketing manager of this innovative Web-based personal finance organizer, to learn a bit more.

MainStreet: What is Geezeo?
DeGutis: Geezeo is a Web-based personal finance manager. It aggregates bank account information in one place. Unlike other online finance tools, Geezeo has a sophisticated social community embedded in its design. For example, if you are a first time home buyer, there is actually a group of other like-minded people also are in the same boat. You can post questions in a group and have conversations with other users AND our Geezeo staff.

MainStreet: How does Geezeo differ from other online personal finance managing websites?
DeGutis: We work very hard with our users. Our social community is paramount. We have rich forums where people can dialogue with each other about financial goals. People can create their own specific groups to get dialogues going around any issues they want. And, we listen to what our users say. ALL of our new features and designs are based on what our social community recommended. The staff of Geezeo is also online each day; so if a user has any type of question, be it technical or financial, you will be able to chat in real time with an informed member of our staff. In fact, we are so in-touch with our users that we chat with many of them on a regular basis — and, we even refer to some features by the user who recommended it first (e.g., the "Gary Ploski Wallet Watch" for the public feed).

: Can you describe some of the features Geezeo offers?
DeGutis: In addition to community groups that are already on the site, Geezeo will offer Marketplace. Based on the user’s protected bank information and their spending patterns, the Geezeo Marketplace feature will suggest specific ways to save on products. For example, if you have a savings account with Bank A and are only earning 1% interest on your savings account, Marketplace would recommend Bank B or Bank C that has higher interest rates.

We will also be unveiling bill alerts. These will be emails sent to the user updating them on when their various bills are due. Improved budgeting features will also be available where Geezeo will be able to monitor and graph how and where you spend your money.

MainStreet: Does the Marketplace feature mean Geezeo endorses certain banks or financial products?
DeGutis: No. Actually, the Marketplace feature is an aggregate of user rankings. So, Geezeo’s social community will be rating products and the user will see how the community thinks about different banks.

Check out Geezeo's Gas Contest here.

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