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7 People Who Are Always Broke

Finding happiness within yourself is important. It's O.K. to have a bad day here and there, but if every day is a chore, then you need to find a new path. Yes, it'll be uncomfortable, but what movie have you ever seen or book have you ever read where the protagonist sat around until something was handed to him? When you're finally happy and fulfilled, you'll stop impulse spending on things you don't need and instead save for your future.

7 – Sympathetic Souls

I'm not condemning charity; it's important to be a generous and compassionate person. The problem lies in putting others' needs before your own. Some people are soft – they lack that killer instinct. We'd all love to see those people succeed in life, and the majority of them will -- they'll just do it while in debt. There's a reason non-profits are called that – if you give to others in need, you'll never have a surplus saved.

This isn't to say you shouldn't give a dollar to a homeless person (that actually costs less than your coffee or texting habit), but there's a deeper issue with sympathetic souls. "People with low self-esteem will always be at risk for financial struggle, because they will always look for ways to purchase acceptance and love." says Farrah Parker, an Image Consultant for PR and Strategic Marketing firm, FD Parker & Associates. It's necessary to accept and love yourself, because, as the Beatles say, "Can't buy me love."

Speaking with these experts inspired me to keep pushing, despite my current situation of sleeping on a friend's couch, helping to pay bills while keeping up with the trials, tribulations and expenses of everyday life. Saving money isn't difficult, but it takes discipline. With proper planning, a solid budget and the passion to earn an income, we'll have a solid foundation to avoid becoming one of the seven people who are always broke. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of being broke.

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