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7 People Who Are Always Broke

Getting up every day to work toward something you love and are passionate about makes you more productive, which, in turn leads to more money. "Especially in this day and age where a corporate pension is an anomaly and Social Security is questionable at best, it's more important than ever to be financially self-sufficient," says Tillman. "If you have no ambition, you'll always struggle with debt."

5 – People with No Budget

In the land of the blind, the Cyclops is king. The only way to find your way out of debt is to make a budget. Having one in your head won't work – as San Diego Financial Planner Sean Nisil puts it. "Some people get themselves into financial problems because they're blind optimists," he said. "They spend with the expectation that the money will magically appear in their bank account."

You can't fly on wings of hope and good intentions; you need to see the numbers on paper to make them real. You need something tangible you can focus on when you're surrounded by mass consumerism. Whatever you think of his other accomplishments, what Columbus didn't do was attempt to navigate without a map, so map your budget before you're hit by a tidal wave of bills and drown in debt.

6 – Whiners and Complainers

It's important to love what you do – money won't automatically change your life, and if that's the mindset you have, you'll never actually have any money.

"I see it with my clients all the time," says life purpose coach Melanie Cobb. "We need to get rid of their broken thinking before we even look at their bank accounts. When their thinking becomes abundant, so does their money."

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