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19 Uses for Baking Soda, Dryer Sheets & Beer

16. Soak your feet

A half-cup of salt mixed with warm water works as a foot soak. Add the mixture to a shallow bowl and dip your toes in. After 10 minutes of soaking, you’ll have soft, soothed feet.


17. Store fresh flowers

Fresh-cut flowers start to die the second you put them in a vase. You could buy those expensive food pellets to keep them fresh, or you could just pour a quarter-cup of vinegar in the vase. The vinegar seals the stems and keeps cut flowers looking fresh for several days.

18. Cure brown spots

Beer has an acidity that works like magic in your yard. Pour a cup of beer over a brown spot in your yard, and the acid will promote grass growth.

19. Wipe bugs off your windshield

I had bug guts stuck to my windshield after I washed it by hand. To remove them, I pulled the used dryer sheet out of the laundry and wiped the car down. The dryer sheet pulled all the bugs right off.

I’ve found more than a few uses for vinegar in my house, but there are still hundreds more I haven’t tried. Check out Household Products Vinegar Can Replace for more ideas. And if you want some more cleaning tips, check out 6 Tips and 14 Products for Cleaning Tough Stains.

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