Six Ways to Fight the Gen Y Stereotypes That Keep You from Getting a Job

NEW YORK (MainStreet)—If you're a twentysomething looking for a job, the deck is stacked against you. It's not just a theory anymore; it's a fact. In new data collected on behalf of from HR professionals from around the country, the bias is staggering: Millennials are seen as disloyal, lazy and incapable of leading. And remember, these are the opinions of the people interviewing you for a job.

Now here's what to do about it.

We've listed below the responses to these questions-of-perception from the survey of 6,000 Gen Y jobseekers and HR professionals. You can compare the results and see the actionable suggestions below each stereotype.

Are Millennials Tech-Savvy?

  • 86% of HR professionals said yes
  • Only 35% of Millennials felt they were tech-savvy

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This perception disconnect may be simply a matter of perspective, according to Jenny Blake, author of Life After College (Running Press, 2011).

"What each generation considers to be 'tech-savvy' may be a little different," she says. "So, what an HR professional who's 55 may think is tech savvy, a Millennial might think, 'Oh gosh, that's nothing!'"

Blake offers an example: "I was working for a startup company right out of college, I was 20 years old, and my boss used to hand me a brand new phone -- I've never seen this phone or used it -- and he'd say, 'Help me figure out how to do X-Y-Z.' And I would know within five minutes, as though I'd had this phone my whole life."

So while the Gen Y job applicant is thinking, "I don't do Ruby on Rails, so I'm not really tech savvy," the HR rep is thinking "This kid probably knows what the Twitter is."

Bottom-line: don't discount your skills as a digital native.