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You May Have 'Disconnect' About Your Retirement

  • 46% believe they’ll be able to pay for “essential” expenses in retirement, including housing, utilities and health care costs.
  • 36% believe they’ll have enough money in retirement for travel and hobbies. (Compare that with the 78% who say they’ll be “very happy” in retirement and the disconnect theory really begins to make sense.)
  • About 38% say they don’t have an “accurate” understanding of expected retirement costs (i.e., basic living expenses and travel and hobby budgets). Common sense says that if you haven’t broken out the calculator and hammered out a rough blueprint of expected living expenses after you leave the workforce, you just may have a retirement disconnect. (BankingMyWay.com has a great retirement planning calculator. Find it here.
  • Despite the vast majority of survey respondents who say they expect a pleasant, comfortable retirement, only 32% of workers believe they are saving enough for it. Ameriprise calls this uncertainty “troubling” for tens of millions of Americans.
  • Americans say they need almost $1 million saved for retirement, but most say they are nowhere that. On average, U.S. workers say they need to save another $250,000 for retirement, but, aside from counting on their home equity, have no idea how they’ll save the money. Ameriprise calls that “surprising” given the anxious state of the U.S. housing market.

Ameriprise does have at least one recommendation to close the disconnect and better safeguard that comfortable retirement. It’s all about “taking steps.”

“The study reveals several positive action steps, including having a written financial plan, factoring inflation into their retirement plans and calculating how much income their assets will produce in retirement,” de Baca says. “These are actions anybody can take, even if they are maxing out savings or cannot afford to simply save more.”

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