Pepsi Cheetos and 10 Other Wacky Snacks

NEW YORK (MainStreet)—People are weird. That may seem like an inelegant way to begin, but there's no more direct way to say it: we're a strange lot, myself included, and as a relatively direct result, we occasionally purchase some very strange things to eat.

Americans spend $151 per week on food according to a Gallup Poll, with 12% of our total food money at the supermarket used for packaged snacks.

But wander down to your local supermarket, and it's not hard to find some truly bizarre ideas boxed up on the shelf. Some are better than others, but every now and again a company comes up with one that truly takes the cake (albeit a lima bean cake with Tabasco sauce filling).

This is a tribute to those acts of inspired lunacy: eleven absolutely bizarre flavor combinations in snack form whose very existence probably poses more questions than answers about consumer dynamics.

Without further ado...

1. Pepsi Cheetos

They're made in Japan. Whether or not they're a good idea is another issue altogether, although that should go without saying for pretty much everything on this list. Known as Pepsi Shuwa Shuwa according to Time and the Daily Mail, this snack is exactly what it sounds like: Cheetos puffs flavored to taste something like a soft drink.


Rather than dusting the snack with cheese powder like normal, Frito-Lay coats the "Pepsito" with a colorless cola powder to keep the puff an appetizingly grim off-white. Add a little bit of fizz and seal the whole thing up, and you can call it a snack. At least, the good people over at Cheetos do.

Fortunately, there are also no plans for them to ever see our shores, so any Americans who want to tempt fate have just two options: grab a ticket to Tokyo, or just dunk a Cheeto in a can of soda and hope for the best.