PayPal Galactic Welcomes You to Space Commerce

NEW YORK (MainStreet)—When the California Gold Rush began in 1848, one of the biggest outcomes was the establishment of the railroads that still exist today. Towns flourished, schools and churches were opened and trade quadrupled all throughout the country, especially in the West. When it comes to exploration, not much is left on this planet. But why stop here? If you were to take the words of Star Trek Enterprise seriously, Space is the "Final Frontier."

As we human beings try to extend our reach to outer space, terms like "Space Tourism" and "Asteroid Mining" are being bandied about. Could Space Tourism be the next gold rush? But one thing we can be assured of is, with the emergence of such futuristic ambitions, the dawn of new commercial or financial tools cannot be far behind.

Enter, PayPal Galactic – a mode of money transfer for people who are out in space. The reactions to such an unconventional venture can range from utter disbelief to hope for intergalactic trade opportunities, depending on the way you think. It is, obviously, not as simple as it sounds, and the practical date for launching such a venture is still far off. But the fact that PayPal has already drawn out maps to make such a endeavor possible is exciting enough in itself.

The PayPal Story on Earth

A quick look at the history of PayPal reveals how it has achieved an unprecedented amount of success in online money transfer in the last fifteen years. Safe and secure online purchases without having to reveal your personal financial information – that is what PayPal offers to over 106 million account holders. Just like Xerox has come to be synonymous with photocopying, PayPal has achieved the same stature in online money transfer. New updates also include a PayPal card that can be physically swiped at merchant stores just like credit and debit cards.