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Ten Ways NOT To Cheat On Your Taxes

We’re not going to spell out exactly how to cheat our government of their hard-earned peso equivalents. Posting that would just be irresponsible. But here are ten ways you definitely shouldn’t do it particularly if you, say, want to avoid an audit, or worse...


When trying to sneak a few extra grand past Uncle Sam, failing third grade arithmetic is not the best place to start. Nothing screams “shady accounting” better than adding five and seven and getting thirteen.

Solution: After years of being shackled to our computers and cell phones for mathematical accuracy, there’s finally a handheld device that will let you break free. It’s about the size of an iPhone, and replicates the functions of a digital calculator application perfectly. Pick one up and use it to check your work. Twice.

9.) DO IT WHILE MAKING > $100,000 A YEAR

Sixty percent of all taxes come from people who earn six figures or more. Tax dollars from the top one percent equal those paid by the bottom ninety. Short answer? When audit time comes around, the IRS targets the rich, and it’s not because of their Robin Hood complex. Wesley Snipes, are you listening?

Solution: With the ability to monitor every American citizen at all times a good five years off (Facebook will be involved), the IRS is a real organization with limited resources. Don’t be a big target. If you are a big target, at least be subtle about it, you rich bastard. Which leads us to our next point…

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