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The Richest Presidential Candidates

Steve Forbes

Second-Richest: Steve Forbes ($450 million)

It’s probably appropriate that Forbes makes this list, given that the magazine that bears his name is most famous for ranking the richest people in the world. And while Forbes doesn’t quite make it into the billionaire rankings, he’s certainly among the richest men ever to run for president.

Forbes, of course, made his money by inheriting his father’s wealth and the family business, a publishing empire. He ran for president twice, both times as a Republican: In 1996 he won a couple of primaries but lost to Bob Dole, and in 2000 he never had much of a chance to begin with.

These days, Forbes’ involvement in politics is largely limited to endorsing other Republican candidates. Prior to the South Carolina primary he spoke about his support of Rick Perry, though it looks like he bet on the wrong horse there.

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