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SAT Classes: A Price Comparison


Like Princeton Review, Kaplan can be pretty pricey. Private and small tutoring groups can cost anywhere from $1,299 to $4,699. Sure, you’ll get a lot of personal attention and will take a practice SAT nearly two dozen times in total, but you’ll probably also wipe away all the money you’d spend on food your first year in college. Kaplan does have two cheaper options though that may be a bit more reasonable. Students can sign up for a $500 classroom course, or a $99 online prep course, both of which give you multiple practice tests and SAT instruction.


This new SAT prep program may not be as well known as Kaplan and Princeton but it does provide a good deal for the money. For $490 students get a year’s worth of instruction from qualified teachers online. Knewton promises that its online prep course will boost your child’s score by at least 150 points, or they’ll give you your money back. Though the course is online, it functions much like a real classroom. There are weekly “office hours” when students can consult with teachers online and the site tracks your performance and personalizes the course syllabus based on your needs.


Grockit is another newer SAT prep site that bill itself as a social network for learning. That may sound contradictory to some parents out there, but essentially the site allows students to study alone online and compete in groups against friends and other users. Grockit seems to abide by the impossible maxim of making studying fun, except, astoundingly, it may be succeeding at that. The site offers a free introductory writing course online but the more popular option is an $80 prep course for all three sections of the SAT that gives you unlimited practice questions, reviews and frequent “challenges” designed to “measure your progress.” Grockit even offers a free iPhone app of SAT flashcards.

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