Marijuana's Answer to LinkedIn Pairs Job Seekers with Cannabis Employers

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Based in Miami, Intelligent Living (ILIV) is a platform marijuana company for four subsidiaries, including, a social media site for professionals working in the legal marijuana industry.

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"It has a Facebook aspect, but we're seeing it more as the LinkedIn of the cannabis community because it's safe and legally compliant, which means you won't see dispensary advertisements on from states where marijuana isn't legal," Intelligent Living CEO Victoria Rudman told MainStreet. was launched the week before last and features a job board.

"Dispensaries won't advertise their jobs on Craigslist or but they can safely advertise on for a fee," said Rudman.

Puff Pass Pay is a product of for vendored websites that allow visitors to privately purchase marijuana paraphenalia, such as vaporizers, bongs and pipes. "Puff Pass Pay is paypal for the cannabis industry," said Josh Eikov, chief strategy officer with Intelligent Living. "We offer an anonymous alternative for professionals who engage in the lifestyle but may not want the whole world to know about it."

Intelligent Living shares board members Tom Bollich and Tae Darnell with Surna, the company selling climate cooling systems to growing facilities and dispensaries that partially sponsored the Arc View Investor Network in Boston two weeks ago.

"The danger in sharing board members is patronage," said Tom Gargiulo, a consulting professional who is considering investing in cannabis companies. " Usually it's the board that decides how much the CEO of a company earns and if you're two CEOs sitting on each other's board you can vote to make decisions that benefit each other when it comes to executive pay."

Darnell is a Colorado cannabis attorney while Bollich is CEO of Surna.