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Why is This the Happiest City in America?

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — You ever see those people who are always smiling? No matter what they're doing: driving, shopping or even pumping gas, they are doing it with a smile. Are they really that happy to be inhaling fumes? Is it a habitually worn smile-mask or are they just that dang contented?

Maybe so, if they live in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas – America's happiest city, according to the Harris Poll Happiness Index.

In fact, one-third of Americans say they are very happy and apparently where you live has a lot to do with it. Americans in Dallas/Fort Worth are more likely than those in any of America's other top markets to qualify as "very happy" (with 38% qualifying as such, vs. a 10-city average of 33%).

The least-happy Americans among the Top 10 markets in the U.S. live in San Francisco, with only 28% of its residents qualifying as "very happy."

Here are the Top 10 Happiest Cities in the U.S. (from happiest to least-happy):

Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas (38% "very happy")

These happy Texans are most likely to say their spiritual beliefs are a positive guiding force to them (75%) and that they rarely worry about their health (59%), as well as being among the least likely to feel their voices are not heard in national decisions that affect them (67%).

But even America's happiest city shows room for improvement. Dallas/Fort Worth residents are among the Americans least likely to agree that they have positive relationships with their family members (though it's worth noting that 83% do agree with this sentiment), and they among the most likely to agree that they rarely engage in hobbies and pastimes they enjoy (34%).

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