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Voices of MainStreet: April Lee

Thank Goodness the World Can Respond

March 18, 2011

The earthquake and the ensuing aftermath in Japan hits “home” for many. Most people have at least distantly experienced the trauma of natural disasters. I remember watching tornadoes form in Texas, Ohio and Oklahoma; watching the hurricanes unleash on New Orleans and have felt an earthquake or two on my own.

I was at work the entire day and didn’t see any footage until I returned home. It was shocking to see the wrath of Mother Nature. It was also impressive to see how quickly the world responds to these things. It warmed my heart and relieved me to see a country that has just experienced a massive earthquake has help from more than just its own people. I thought of how this might affect people hundreds of years ago. There is no comparison. Had this earthquake happened in an earlier time period, the lasting damage would have been much worse. I can hardly imagine what those people are going through. The terror of personal experience, the fright of possible, and likely, lost loved ones, and the awe of seeing huge boats, cars, buses and the like being swept away by the waters.  They wait in uncertainty for what will come next.

This is when giving money charitably means the most to me. I wish I could devote my time to helping those in need but flying to Japan is out of the question so it is money that matters more. Donating to the RedCross is as simple as a phone call, visiting the website or texting the message “REDCROSS” to the number 909999 to give $10 (visit the site for an electronic receipt). It is easy, it is simple and if tax deductions are important to you then know that this is applicable when you itemize next year when tax time rolls around.

I have always said if you cannot give your time then give your money to those who do have the time to help.

—April is a well-traveled young woman planting her roots in sunny Seattle, or well, just Seattle. Her writing covers whatever piques her interest and curiousity. Check out her blog here.

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