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Voices of MainStreet: April Lee

Different Recessions in Different States

Nov. 15, 2010

"I can't afford that," isn't something I often hear from my sister.

Of course, the recession hit everyone fairly hard in America, but I know firsthand that it's much harder in the Midwest than here in Seattle.

The big reason I moved to Seattle in March was because it had the 14th best job market in the nation at the beginning of this year. And that's a sharp contrast between Seattle and northwest Ohio. Specifically, Seattle is thriving: Coffee shops are open, there are still plenty of job openings, and Pike Place Market bustles with activity even in the middle of November. Plus, there are people running down the street with umbrellas hoping not to miss their bus. They can afford to ride the bus here, not where it's desolate in northwest Ohio.

It's true some of my Seattle friends do not make as much as they used to. They have tightened the belt on their personal budget, acquiring roommates to lessen their rent, and cooking more often at home. They may not have as much money as they are used to, but they're employed.

Personally, I'm feeling financially free here in Seattle. I'm ecstatic to take my sister out for dinners and tea. And while these are small things, to those who have truly struggled through this recession during the last two years, it's a relief.

—April is a well-traveled young woman planting her roots in sunny Seattle, or well, just Seattle. Her writing covers whatever piques her interest and curiousity. Check out her blog here.

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