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Voices of MainStreet: April Lee

Spring Break Anytime, Anywhere

March 4, 2011

It has been some years since I’ve thought about spring break. Spring break exists for school children, college students and those who work in any touristy area or tourist business. Seattle is a touristy city, but spring breakers want to vacation in Mexico, Florida, California or any other sunny beach area. Seattle’s infamous rain doesn’t exactly fall into the spring break ideal.

Seattle may not have much to speak of when compared to Rio de Janeiro but we do have Alki Beach, ferries to take to islands and a “tall thing” to look at and venture into (i.e., The Space Needle).

Visiting another city or vacationing can be expensive, so here is my tried and true tip: Make friends. Yep. Make friends with people who are visiting your city and be hospitable so that when it’s your turn to travel you at least have a friendly tour guide.

Two years ago I went to four different cities and crashed with friends. My vacation cost me considerably less than $1,000 and I visited San Jose, Portland, Boise and New York City. I only had to pay for a hotel in one city!

Also, if you haven’t made friends with visitors then hopefully your friends have moved away to great cities. Once I moved to Seattle last year, I happily invited my friends to stay and visit me, and they did. Seattle is a great city.

If that won’t work, have a vacation in your own town. I’m convinced of this after spending the last few weekends having mini-vacations. Spend a day and a half lounging, eating good food and doing activities that make you feel good. Take advantage of local coupons to spas, restaurants, entertainment, etc. and make a vacation right in your city.

If you really need the beach atmosphere, grab a lime to pour in a coconut, turn on the Beach Boys and light a “sea breeze” scented candle. It’s hard to get a truly authentic feeling away from the source unless you’re willing to throw sand on your floor.

You can have fun during spring break even if you’re not the traditional spring breaker.

—April is a well-traveled young woman planting her roots in sunny Seattle, or well, just Seattle. Her writing covers whatever piques her interest and curiousity. Check out her blog here.

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