Introducing The Stockpick Whiz Kid, Max Levin

NEW YORK (MainStreet) —At the young age of 11, I started watching and investing in the stock market. I was originally introduced to the market by my grandfather, who was retired with a lot of time on his hands. He was an amazing teacher who schooled me in everything that a young investor needs to know. This included graphing, dividends, mutual funds, options, and trading techniques. Even though it was a hobby of his and he didn't trade on such a large scale, I was still mesmerized by how he created revenue by buying and selling stocks on a daily basis. Since I could not drive and had only a minimal amount of funding at such a young age, I thought that trading in the stock market would be a perfect business.

From the moment I learned about the stock market, all I wanted to do was make money. As time accumulated, so did the funding in my portfolio. I knew at a very young age what I wanted my future to look like. I would always ask people what they did for a living and wanted to know how they got to a certain level of success.

By the age of 13, while in middle school, I talked, walked, slept, and ate financial data. I followed the stock market from opening to close, watching trends and current data to make my next stock pick. My investing strategy was more on a long-term basis, buying and holding for a couple of months. I enjoyed giving people my opinion of stocks and financial data from all of the research and knowledge that I had gained.

It was not until the last year of middle school that I started investing in the stock market full on. Even though I attended school full time, I traded the stock market from an application on my cell phone, trying to hit every opportunity that arose. I would skim books on how to read charts in depth and started to invest in many different sectors within the market.