How to Host a Party in a Small Apartment¿

By My First Apartment

SEATTLE (Zillow) — Here you are in your studio or tiny one-bedroom apartment and the holidays are coming. You’d love to throw a party — just like your parents do every year in their big suburban house, with everyone from your cousin-in-law to your uncle’s mechanic invited — but how? You can do it if you just plan properly. Follow these tips and you’ll be the host of the season, even in your cozy digs:

Type of party

A dinner party works well in a small space — and you’ve still got time to plan a last-minute Thanksgiving gathering. Invite only four to six people, which will keep the cooking manageable. Make it informal: If you have a small place, guests will probably see you cooking, and they will be eating in the living room. A nice one-pot pasta dish or a wintry stew with a salad and crusty bread are simple combos to balance on your lap. Add some wine and a chocolate dessert and everyone is happy. And don’t forget to have some games or a movie for after dinner; some organized fun later can make the evening last long into the night.

A pre-party can also work well. If you and your friends are all going out dancing or to a big sporting event, you may want to invite everyone over for drinks and some nibbles beforehand. You’ll provide a laid-back atmosphere, and you won’t have to invite too many people. It’s another perfect situation for a party in a small space.

Or, you can go for a bigger get-together. Even small places can fit 15 people or so; you just need to make sure you’re not over-inviting. Generally speaking, the better you know the invitees, the more likely they are to come. So if you want to have a party with about 15 people, invite around 20 of your closer friends. Contact them directly, and make sure you get a response, that way you’ll be able to keep the guest list manageable.