How to Haggle Now That You Can Haggle for Anything

NEW YORK (Money Crashers) — Negotiating may once have been reserved for the flea market and buying a new car, but not anymore. Today, regular retailers are likely to consider your offer if it's reasonable and works with their bottom line. And while all retailers might not be on board, it never hurts to try haggling, especially on big-ticket items. Hone your negotiating skills to get the best deals whenever and wherever you shop.

1. Offer to pay in cash
Since retailers must pay transaction fees for credit card purchases, you may be able to get a discount by offering cash. This often works best with pawn shops, which need cash for their loan customers, and small businesses. Of course, you never know whether it will work at a major retailer until you try.

2. Request product extras
You can increase the value of your purchase by asking that "extras" be added. Product protection plans, for example, offer security and peace of mind, but can be fairly expensive. You could strike a deal by asking that one be added to your otherwise-expensive purchase at no extra cost. Or, if the product you want requires accessories — such as a mouse for a laptop, a case, headphones or cables — see if you can get one or more of these thrown in. The profit on the larger purchase may sufficiently offset the cost of add-ons such that the retailer is willing to deal.

3. Ask that taxes be included
By requesting that sales taxes be included in the sticker price, you can get a slight discount without having to request one directly. The retailer may view this as a minor expense, and if your purchase is significant, it can save you quite a lot — up to 10% in some areas.