How to Get Started Buildng the Home You Really Want

By Richard Taylor

SEATTLE (Zillow) —You’re a homeowner, or a desperately-want-to-be-homeowner, and you are in a near-panic because you want to build a home, but you (choose one):

  • Can’t find a design that you like.
  • Are afraid of the whole process of designing and building.
  • Don’t know if your ideas make sense.
  • Just can’t visualize a design.
  • Don’t know how to start looking for land/houses/plans/architects/builders.

Or you’d like to remodel the home you’re already in, but you:

  • Have a unique house that you really love but aren’t sure anyone else does.
  • Have a historic home and are concerned about somebody ruining it.
  • Have a story attached to your house and want to talk with someone who understands and appreciates it like you do.
  • Are skeptical because you’ve had a bad remodeling experience (or know someone else who did).

In other words, you’re stuck … something’s keeping you from getting started.

Maybe it’s too much information — too many shows on HGTV, too many home design and decorating magazines, too many websites.

Or maybe you’ve heard too much from too many people who don’t seem to care what you do, as long as you spend your money with them.

Maybe you’ve collected a file folder full of clippings of great kitchens, wonderfully furnished family rooms and home exteriors that you love … but you can’t imagine that you’ll ever have anything like that.

You’re just … not … sure.

You’re looking for answers. But you’re not going to find them in design magazines, on design websites, at model homes or on TV.

Because the projects you see there are about somebody else.

They’re not about you.

Your house is all about you

Good design is personal. Good design starts with you and what you want.

You’ve been waiting to hear just the right magic words that will make it easy for you to finally get started on your new home or remodeling project, but that’s not going to happen until you give yourself permission to focus on you.