Hosting Guests on the Cheap Without Appearing Cheap

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — According to Trip Advisor, 39% of Americans are planning on traveling this Thanksgiving, and if you're a mom, dad, grandma or grandpa, chances are those holiday itinerants are coming to your house.

Budgets are tight, and while no one wants to appear cheap, most hosts would like to impress the in-laws or fuzzy Aunt Jane without breaking the bank.

Mainstreet has compiled a list of ideas on how you can show your guests a good time and good meals without breaking out the clipped coupon at dinner:

1. Welcome your guests with four-star note: If you've ever been greeted in your luxury hotel room with a note from the manager or concierge, you know how special it makes you feel. "After arriving from a long trip, there's little more inviting than coming home to a clean space with a thoughtful note," says Joel Goyette of, who also loves to host guests in his home. "Have fun with this, and play around with leaving sticky notes on the bathroom mirror or a note tucked under the pillow." You can also include instructions for the alarm system directions to local shops (if you have to work during the day), password for the Wi-Fi and an extra set of keys.

2. Snack Pack: "Make it easy for your guests to grab a healthy snack or treat by putting together a basket of fresh fruit, nuts and other goodies," says Goyette. If you know they like coffee, you can also stock their favorite and a tasty creamer.

3. Toiletry Basket: Who doesn't on occasion forget toothpaste, deodorant or floss? One trick this writer always uses is to leave a basket in the guest bathroom stocked with travel sized shampoo, toothpaste and other toiletries, as well as an extra hairdryer, hair spray and a curling iron. I've had guests tell me that this always makes them feel pampered and special. Always make sure you put out your best towels, and don't forget to leave plenty of toilet paper in their bathroom.