Here's Your New Year's Resolutions Check-Up

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Remember just a few weeks ago on New Year’s Day when you resolved to dump some bad habits, lose weight and save more money in 2013?

One month into the New Year, you may find yourself struggling to keep those resolutions alive. We spoke to some experts who shared advice on how to revive these goals and help you to maintain them as the year progresses.

1. Find a support system

Some resolutions — especially weight loss — are difficult to accomplish without a strong group of loved ones around you to keep you in check.

Cardiologist Dr. Kevin Shinal, founder of, says the key to weight loss is consistent weigh-ins and group support. On his site, users can enter in their changes in weight over several weeks (as opposed to your total weight, which some are uncomfortable revealing), and this information is shared with friends and family of your choice. As an incentive to get you to weigh in each week, your support system will be notified via email if you fail to do so.

“This way, you’re accountable to the people you love the most — it’s a setup for more commitment in weight maintenance,” he says.

2. Tell everyone!

Speaking of forming a solid support system, you also need to tell the people around you what your resolutions are.

“If you've told everyone in the office that you're cutting out coffee and you show up to the 9:30 budget meeting with a cup of coffee, people may say something and you'll have to admit that you're ‘off the wagon,’” says professional organizer Christine Kell.

The reaction of others may prompt you to stick with your goals.

3. Narrow your goals

Having a laundry list of 10 goals may become too overwhelming. This is why it’s important to limit your goals to a maximum of three, at least for the next few months.