GrowLife Spawns Two New Cannabis Companies

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NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Before merging with Stealth Grow, Sterling Scott's GrowLife (PHOT) was known as Phototron Holdings and run by Craig Ellins and Todd Denkin who acted as CEO and president, respectively. The founders went on to launch two separate cannabis companies that have received funding from investors who attended a conference by the Milken Institute in Santa Monica.

PHOT recently endured a trading halt by the SEC that ended April 25.

"There's a chance that regulators will target the cannabis industry, because there may be political pressure to do so or because they want to make examples of people or to slow down the momentum," said Mike Zapolin, who served as the strategic advisor for Ellins and Denkin during their leadership at what is now known as GrowLife.

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Just last week, Zappy, Ellins and Denkin were speakers on a panel called "The Highs and Lows of the Cannabis Economy" hosted by the Milken Institute Global Conference in the Los Angeles Beverly Hilton.

"We had a panel on cannabis this year, because it is a topic of current interest with real economic and social implications, and the global conference is a place that brings together leaders with wide range of opinions to talk about issues that impact society, government and the economy," said Skip Rimer, executive director of events and communications with the Milken Institute.

Highlights of the panel included discussions on how pot reform is revolutionizing drug delivery.

"The future of all drug delivery lies in vaporizers," Zapolin told MainStreet. "People will be ingesting penicillin from a vaporizer pen because the medicine skips the stomach and goes directly into your blood stream through your lungs. The technology that has emerged as a result of the legalization of marijuana in some states has had amazing beneficial consequences on medicine."