Geek Squad: "Join Us! (We'll Pay You)"

There's a squad out there, and they're always looking for a few good geeks.

If you revel in piles of computer parts and gaming and entertainment systems, you could be a good fit for the Geek Squad, Best Buy’s (Stock Quote: BBY) team of computer pros available for online, on-the-phone, in-store and at-home consultations for every possible computer and electronic device problem.

They're accepting job applications: Techno-exceptionalism is required, a fashion sense not so much. (Internships are also available.)

So what does it take to get cash money for your geekiness?

There are three more keys to being a great candidate for the Geek Squad, according to Geek Squad CEO, Robert Stephens, who recently spoke with MainStreet:

1. Curiosity. Beyond an understanding of popular gadgets and software, sharp search skills are a vital part of providing support to consumers with computer problems.  What you really need is the curiosity to figure out problems, Stephens says.  Geek Squad geeks aren’t expected to know everything about every computer, gadget and application.  A thirst for knowledge is more important, Stephens says.

Having easy access to computers and gadgets found in a Best Buy store is a plus for those looking for new tech toys to learn about and play with. Another helpful hint to aspiring geeks and gadget owners alike: “If you read reviews, you can find out about feature that you might not know you’ve got,” Stephens says.

2. Ethics. Geeks have access to sensitive information, whether they’re working on a computer belonging to someone visiting a Best Buy store, or they’re making a house call to a big office building.  A strong sense of ethics and trustworthiness are important qualities the Geek Squad requires in all of its “agents.”

3. Drive. The motivation to finish a job, and being devoted to helping people, no matter how challenging the situation, is what gets and keeps Geek Squad geeks’ regular customers.