Free Money Games Your Kids Will Love

Learning about personal finance doesn't have to be boring. In fact, some companies are taking personal finance education to a whole new level, with online games focused on making financial matters approachable for both kids and adults. Here's a roundup of a few sites you might want to check out with your kids.

On this site, created by Visa (Stock Quote: V), players answer personal finance questions in order to score goals. You can pick your team, your level of play and your opponent for a "World Cup" match.

The game has three different levels of difficulty: one for children ages 11-14, one for teens 14-18 and one for 18 and up. The personal finance questions cover an extremely broad range of money issues, the more difficult dealing with bonds, yields and securities and the easier dealing with savings and checking accounts. Visa also provides plenty of materials for teens to study before they play.

Financial Football

Also run by Visa, Financial Football is an NFL version of the Financial Soccer game, just catered to a different sort of sports fan. I enjoyed the Financial Football game more than Financial Soccer because it has the types of questions that are asked are a bit more complex, although I did run into a glitch that forced me to restart the game. This is definitely a great education tool for a young football fanatic, despite any technical difficulties.