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5 Ways To Talk To Your Lover About Money

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — It’s Valentines Day, and the living is uneasy for couples squabbling over money.

After all, who wants to spend a romantic, if manufactured, holiday fighting over that $200 Kate Spade purse you bought, or that new $250 driver that will upgrade your golf game?

Not to be a sour note on Cupid’s big day, but studies show that money troubles are the primary driver of divorces in the U.S. these days.

According to one study , rising debt is the main reason couples fight — and split up — after getting married.

In addition couples who fight over money once per week are 30% more likely to divorce than couples who don’t.

Fortunately for Cupid, and for married couples, there ware good ways to defuse financial stress and keep marriages healthy even when you do talk about money issues.

According to Pamela Yellen, a national personal finance expert and New York Times best-selling author, talking turkey about money doesn’t have to be the personal financial version of root canal. In fact, good “financial intimacy” can strengthen romantic relationships.

"The solution is to sit down with your partner every month and go over your spending and savings plan," Yellen says. "Look at everything you bought during the past month and everything you're thinking of buying soon and ask yourselves, 'Is this really a need or a want?' Awareness is the key to taking control of your spending habits, and asking questions like this one is very powerful."

To really pitch in, Yellen has come up with five steps in fueling financial intimacy that can reduce anxiety and enable couples to “save for their dreams.”

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