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Health Care Payments Now Require This

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Paying your health care bills on time is now even more important for consumers who are adding health insurance to their list of bills.

But several online services now help consumers streamline the effort by requiring only one login, saving people the hassle of having to remember multiple passwords.

Customers will now be able to manage their health insurance accounts - including the option to view statements of benefits and deductible balances alongside their financial and household accounts - through one secure log-in at Manilla, the New York-based free digital mailbox service that allows consumers to manage their bills and other personal accounts.

"Our consumer research shows that the majority of people either haven't established login information for managing healthcare accounts online or they can't remember what that login information is," said Jim Schinella, CEO of Manilla. "That's a crucial first step to building an on-going digital relationship with their insurance providers. Consequently, consumers have a relatively unaided understanding of their explanation of benefits (EOB) documents, which are critical to understanding and managing their own healthcare."

Health insurance companies are among the lowest paperless adoption business segments in the United States.

Many consumers have recently signed up to pay for health insurance and will be making their monthly premium payments.

Only 38% of Americans would rather pay a fine than buy health insurance, according to a new insuranceQuotes.com report. The survey also revealed that 65% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 would buy health insurance versus 57% of Americans 30 and older.

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