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Is the ACA Website Trouble Indicative of Obamacare Itself?

"How long do we let this failed exchange continue to operate?" Roberts said. "From the very beginning of the bill's passage, I have said this cannot work. Just over 90 days ago in the GOP weekly radio address to the nation, I warned the American people that the exchanges were not going to be ready. In fact, I introduced legislation to end the exchanges and sunset the individual mandate if they were not ready as promised on October 1."

"Today we know, the problems with the exchanges are systematic, profound and indisputable," Roberts added. "And yet the Secretary won't shoot straight with the American people."

Roberts alluded to Sebelius's refusal to own up to Obamacare's failures when she appeared on comedian Jon Stewart's The Daily Show. Sebelius could not say how many people had successfully enrolled or why the problems in the implementation had not triggered delaying the mandate for individuals. She just continued with happy talk.

"This week, Sebelius continued wasting taxpayer dollars on advertising and promotional tours," Roberts said. "This included failed rallies at NFL stadiums and appearances on comedy shows to promote enrollment while at the same time, Americans were unable to sign up for health care plans as promised. Even Jon Stewart didn't think it was a laughing matter."

"In the absence of a full repeal of Obamacare, which is my preference, we need new leadership from top to bottom," Roberts said. "I am calling on the Secretary to resign. Everything we warned about has come to pass. We need a Secretary who can admit when enough is enough.The American people should not have to tolerate the chaos of the exchange, or the ill effects of Obamacare for one more day. They are already suffering in a terrible economy. They have higher taxes, higher premiums and great uncertainty about access to quality healthcare. We need a Secretary who realizes that."

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