Fall Home Decorations: How to Get Autumn on the Cheap

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — The time of year has come where magazine covers and TV commercials are all plastered with those pristinely decorated, fall-inspired homes. The pumpkins, candles, wreaths and table decorations are always so creative and beautiful that many assume they cannot replicate the look without spending a ton of money at Crate & Barrel.

However, there are ways to easily create your own fall-inspired decorations that look professional while staying within budget. Making your own decorations may sound too difficult or time-consuming to some, but here is a roundup of some ideas that prove otherwise.

1. Head on over to Spoonful.com, where you will find not only decoration and craft ideas, but family meals, recipes and party suggestions. One of the most popular DIY decoration ideas consists of carving out pumpkins (or even gourds) to use as vases. This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to make a beautiful centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner table in a short amount of time with only five items!

2. An outdoor decoration idea like this one is also a hit, because it's simple enough for children to do. This rustic, creative family name sign only calls for four to six items depending on preference, and three of them can be found outside! Turn this into an all-day activity by going out and collecting your own acorns, twigs, and leaves, and then come back and give it your own family flavor.

3. For something a bit more challenging, you may want to experiment with wax-dipped leaves. This three-step "how-to" shows a simple way to preserve leaves by dipping them in paraffin wax. This technique is especially helpful when using leaves as indoor tabletop decorations. The leaves become hard and the wax prevents them from withering and crisping up in too short a time.