Energy-Saving Tech for Your Home

Saving money on electricity costs becomes especially important in the summer, even when you have efficient Energy Star appliances, and outfitting your home with new, energy-saving technology could pay off sooner than you might think.

While solar panels at home may have previously been all the rage, helping consumers take advantage of a clean and renewable resource, their upfront costs can be prohibitive for some. And that’s where monitoring comes in.

Home energy monitoring systems can let homeowners keep track of their utility usage trends and help identify specific areas where conservation is possible.

Going on an Energy Diet

Home energy monitoring might be a bit like being on a diet. Once you identify your bad habits, it’s easier to tell where it makes sense to start improving first.

Systems like Microsoft’s HOHM, Powerhouse Dynamics’ eMonitor and other utility management tools can give you a snapshot of your energy usage, show you where you’re unnecessarily sapping electricity, and help you decide how to reduce your carbon footprint. Here are some of your options.

Microsoft HOHM

What you can track: With the Microsoft HOHM energy monitoring system, an online tool, you can find out how much energy you’re using based on the size of your home, the number of occupants and information on specific appliances you have.