Divorce and the New Wheels Dilemma

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Starting this week, I'm in hiding from Audi Financial Services. They're coming after me, I know, because I'm on the lam with their property—their 2010 Audi A6 wagon to be precise. I was supposed to turn it in two months ago. I would never do this to Avis or Hertz, but this Audi and I have a relationship. It's been three years. This Audi knew me when I was married. Since my husband and I have split, it has been one of the few constants my life with my kids.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not in love (it's blue and not green, for one thing). I am just having a hard time letting go. Should I buy this car I've been driving around for three years, or should I do what my ex would do, what we always did through our 16-year marriage: turn it in and and lease a new one?

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In our relationship, I handled all the admin responsibilities and decisions — except for which wine we drank and which car we drove. I like drinking and, er, driving. But as far as cars go, I just wanted to put the kids in, load the gear and go. In fact, I'd rather change a tire in the driving rain than shop for a car. Having to crunch numbers and read blog posts by auto enthusiasts on comparative pickup, safety features and sound system options? Take that jack and just hit me over the head.

But starting now, I'm determined to deal like a mature adult with the question of the family car.

After all, this is my opportunity to shed the "luxury car" with the $840/month lease and find a car I love. Unfortunately, that would be a Mini, which definitely wouldn't work for two teenage boys whose legs are growing longer by the day and who object loudly when they feel "their space" is being compromised.