Denver CannaBusiness Summit Lends Further Credibility to Pot Industry

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NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Dr. Marlon Fuller has worked as a retail and hospital pharmacist for ten years. After watching Dr. Sanjay Gupta's documentary called "Weed," the North Carolina resident went live online with, a Yelp-like pricing directory for cannabis users.

"I'm all about patient care, so this is one avenue that lets me continue to be a pharmacist but in a different way," Fuller told MainStreet.

Although Fuller doesn't consume marijuana himself, his brother-in-law is cannabis-enthusiast Calvin Cordozar Broadus, who is known in hip hop circles as Snoop Dogg.

"I have talked to my sister's husband about promoting the website eventually," Fuller said. "For now, I'm working on getting a sales force on the ground in Washington, Colorado and California."

Fuller is one of 49 entrepreneurs displaying their cannabis related wares as part of the National Cannabis Industry Association's (NCIA) CannaBusiness Summit at the Denver Convention Center June 24 and June 25.

"CannaBusiness is a trade show and opportunity for newcomers and industry people to share information with each other, unveil new technologies and discuss best practices as opposed to being specifically about investors and investing," said Taylor West, deputy director with the NCIA.

In launching the first annual CannBusiness Summit, the NCIA is paving the way in education while helping cannabis related entrepreneurs to expand their brand in an industry that's on fire.

"It's been a big year for the cannabis industry with the legalization of adult use sales in Colorado," West told MainStreet. "There's been an enormous spotlight on the industry in the last six moths and tremendous growth. This is a good opportunity to bring together leaders who are members of our organization and those interested in finding out more about the cannabis industry."