Cooking With Cannabis: 8 Delicious Marijuana Recipes

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Brownies and space cakes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cooking with marijuana. These days, weed can be incorporated into a full range of culinary favorites—from salads and hors d'oeuvre to pasta dishes and even ice cream.

We warn you not to overindulge on your delicious green cuisine creations, though, or you might experience a more potent high than expected.

"The effects from eating cannabis are much more intense and prolonged than from smoking it," says Elise McDonough, author of The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook. "After eating cannabis food, the effects may not be felt until several hours afterward, so it's important to go slow and not eat too much."

Of course, cooking with marijuana should only be attempted if you can purchase the drug legally. In the U.S., weed is currently only legal for recreational use in Colorado and Washington state, and you have to be 21 and older to buy it. While Colorado opened its first marijuana dispensaries earlier this year, Washington state estimates that pot won't be sold in stores there until June, says Brian Smith, spokesman for the Washington State Liquor Control Board. Medical marijuana is also legal in 20 states and Washington, D.C., for those who qualify for it.

After speaking with several marijuana chefs and experts, we've compiled a roundup of eight of the best recipes featuring weed as an ingredient. Read on for the details on these tasty, spacey delights.

Simple Cannabutter

Cannabutter is an essential ingredient in many marijuana recipes that can be used in place of regular butter or oil. You can drizzle it over freshly cooked pasta or popcorn or reserve large batches in the fridge or freezer for use in other recipes.