Offers Refinance Deal for Car Owners With Bad Credit

NEW YORK (MainStreet) – A thorny aspect to owning a car if you have bad credit is the inability to refinance your auto loans into lower payments.

Now, one company may be offering those consumers a break.

That company is, which is touting what it calls a user-friendly, online-only auto refinance deal that allows plenty of room for American car owners with lousy credit.

Auto loans, which historically trade in the 6%, 7% or even 8% interest range (or higher), are now offering rates around 4.5%. According to the BankingMyWay Auto Loan Interest Calculator, the actual auto loan interest rate this week is 4.57%, down from 4.7% last week.

That’s a big difference to vehicle owners, especially ones who bought a new car or truck a few years ago when interest rates were much higher than they are today. In fact, says that auto owners who purchased a vehicle in the fourth quarter of 2008 can save about $200 or more (given a monthly car payment of $600 per month) if they take advantage of today’s lower rates.

The Vine, Calif.-based company says consumers, still on their heels over a five-year economic slide, want to keep their current cars or trucks longer, and low rates give them the opportunity to do just that, along with more cash in their pocket.

"Not only are consumers holding onto their vehicles for longer than ever, most of those car owners purchased their vehicles just a few years ago when the economy was soaring and interest rates were higher," said CEO Jim Landy in a statement.

Landy’s firm says that there are about 36% of consumers suffering from bad credit, and that it hopes to save consumers hundreds per month, but in a no-hassle way.

Is that even possible? thinks so, although it doesn’t reveal its track record of rewarding low-credit consumers with better refinancing deals. Fair or unfair, the odds of consumers with low credit paying back their loans is lower than for consumers with high credit. That is, after all, why credit scores exist in the first place.